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Dear Dragon family

Hope this activity finds you safe and well.  By now, I’m sure you guys have adjusted to a new way of life and learning.

For the rest of the school year, I’ve outlined an activity game that you can do at home with your family.  It’s called Activity Bingo.  It’s designed to have fun while staying active at home.  If you don’t know how to play already, here’s how to play:



























  1.  Make your own bingo cards. Create a box with 5 squares across and 5 squares down. (Shown above)

  2. Randomly write the name of each activity, listed below, in a bingo box until all squares are filled.

Suggested activities:

  •  5 knee bends

  • Do Fortnite “Best Mates”

  • 10 sit-ups

  • 3 push-ups

  • 10 arm circles

  • Do “The Floss”

  • Stand on right foot 20 seconds

  • 30 second plank (hold body up with elbows and feet on floor only)

  • Sit-n-reach toes-touch toes while sitting down on floor knees flat on floor

  • Do Fortnite “Robot”

  • Stand on left foot 20 seconds

  • Run in place 1 minute

  • Jump forward 3 times

  • Do Fortnite “Hype”

  • Jump backward 3 times

  • Jump up and down while patting head 5 times

  • Superman plank (on stomach, feet and arms in air)

  • Do Fortnite “Orange Justice”

  • 5 jumping Jacks

  • Jump with 2 hand above your head 10 times

  • Spin around 5 times while sitting

  • Do Fortnite “Ride the Pony”

  • Clap hands 10 times

  • 5 leg raises (lay on back and lift both feet together high as you can)

  • Do Fortnite ”Fresh Dance”

  1.  Repeat step 2.  Make another Activity Bingo card by randomly picking exercises from the list above until all squares are filled. 

  2. Make as many Activity Bingo cards as you have players.  (Note: each Activity Bingo card should have the same exercises as other cards but in different squares)

  3. Write the same exercises on a strip of paper, fold and place in a cup, bowl, jar etc..

  4. At this point, each player should have their own Activity Bingo card and the strips of paper should have 1 exercise written on each strip, folded and placed in a cup


  1. One person (can be a player) selects an activity strip from the cup and reads the activity out loud so all players can hear the activity called

  2. After every player conducts the activity, color the activity box on the bingo card or place a penny over the square if you want to keep the Bingo cards for a new game another time.

  3. Another player selects an activity strip from the cup and reads the activity out loud so all players can hear the next activity called.  After the next activity is conducted, color the activity box completed or place a penny on the square if you want keep the Bingo cards for later.

  4. Players continue taking turns calling out activities from the strips of paper, conducting the activities and coloring or placing pennies on the activity squares they complete.

  5. The first player who completes the activities (5 boxes across, 5 boxes down or 5 boxes diagonal) is the winner.

  6. You can shout, “BINGO”, if you want


  • The physical activities listed are only suggestions.  You can choose your own physical activities.

  • Activities that are not accomplished successfully or incomplete may not be counted.  Again, these variations are only suggestions to make the game as challenging as you want.  Please take into consideration the age and physical limitations, if any, for all players wanting to participate.



Of course, at all times we always play ____________ and play_________________.If you said “Play Safe” and “Play Nice” you are correct.We always play safe and nice with whatever activities we do.So, when playing Activity Bingo:

  •  Play Safe:  Make sure you have enough room between you and other players so you won’t accidentally bump into other players while you are conducting the activities.

  • Play Nice:  Winners should accept victory in a humble manner as you congratulate other players for their good effort and hard work.  Winning is not always who does it best but who accomplishes the goal and does their best.

  • If you want, (You don’t have to) send pics or vids of playing Activity Bingo to:

Have fun with this activity. Take care.  Hope to see you all very soon.


Coach Young

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