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Spring Flowers

Hey guys! Hope you're doing awesome! Here's a little flower project since we're in the spring season. This project has several steps and is very workable, meaning you can really be creative in terms of how you complete it. If there is one area along the way that you want to change, feel free to. Post your finished works in the forum area if you want.

Materials: paper, crayons, markers, gluestick, scissors.

STEP 1: The first part can be a project by itself. You'll draw an organic shape which is a shape that has no rules the way a geometric shape would. Basically a random shape. Make sure its large since you'll need to draw on it. Once you've got the organic shape drawn you'll basically repeat that shape creating ever smaller copies of the original shape.

When you're done drawing in pencil, outline it with a black marker if you have it.

STEP 2: After you've traced with black marker you can color in the contour lines. I used crayons but you can use markers if you want. Use a variety of colors.

STEP 3: In step 3 you can take a marker if you have it and draw the flowers as well as cut them out. Make sure to create a variety of different flowers to really make it stand out. Make sure the flowers are large since you'll need to cut them out for the next part.

STEP 4: In step 4 you will glue the flowers onto a separate sheet of paper. Arrange the flowers with enough space beneath to draw the flower vase and stems.

STEP 5: In step 5 you will begin to draw the vase- as you can see it begins with a very flat oval.

STEP 6: After drawing the oval you can draw the bottom portion of the vase. Feel free to draw it as you wish. I'll include photos of my completed vase. Don't forget to add a horizon line to show that the flower vase sits on a surface.

STEP 7: In step 7 you'll add stems and leaves to you vase, followed by coloring. I've included all steps in pictures so you can follow along if you need to.

STEP 8: The last step is to color in the surface that the vase sits on. It can be whatever color you want it to be. If you want to add color and decorations to the background go for it.

That's it guys! Sending you all love and well-wishes!

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